Customer Testimonials


I think Hufnagel Landscaping are by far the best landscaping company in the area. I have seen the quality of their work over the past year in both my rear yard and front patio. They are excellent at excavation, planting and hardscaping, including masonry. They know how to navigate Hoboken's building and traffic codes and have an ability to perform a general contractor role if necessary. I've had several issues / complexities with the project and they were a huge factor in adapting the design with a "no stress" attitude. If you have a drainage issue they would be an ideal fit. But be aware they are not the type of company to do a quick/partial fix. The will do a serious re-grading, address plumbing or foundation issues and do as you direct to restore the aesthetics. I've found their original estimate/contract to be very comprehensive, to a degree that budget overage is minimal. In addition, they are good people that I like to do business with.

I wholly and enthusiastically endorse Hufnagel Landscape Design & Construction Group for any landscape and hardscape project that you may have! In 2005, we hired Hufnagel to create and implement a design for our backyard which had become a construction zone for our brownstone renovation. My husband and I had some specific requirements on what we wanted in the yard and how it was to look including hardscape design and materials, and layout of trees, shrubs and perennial plants. What was created was an absolutely beautifully stunning backyard which incorporated our requirements including having the yard act as an extension of our house, or another "room" to our brownstone. All of the Hufnagel personnel were truly professional, efficient and reliable, which is in and of itself, worth the hire. We hire the company every Spring to do our clean-up, and whenever we are in need of a special service. In short, they are the best and I would not hesitate to hire them.


I have been doing business with Hufnagel Landscaping for more than 15 years. They have done numerous landscaping projects over the years along with a variety of landscaping construction projects. Most recently, they replaced my blacktop driveway with pavers, completely rebuilt my front steps and redid all of the pathways on my property and replaced the pavers on my 80 x 12 back patio. While redoing the driveway and front steps they also installed thermostatically controlled heating elements so that I never have to shovel snow again. A portion of the patio (immediately in front of my back porch) is also heated as well so that my husband and I can feed the birds without even having to shovel snow again. Both the management and staff are highly professional and extremely creative. I cannot recommend them highly enough.