Fall is upon us. The nights are already getting much chillier. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to give up your outdoor space. There are a number of ways to keep yourself warm with a stylish fire pit so your patio can remain your go-to entertaining area until the dead of winter.

One of the first methods you’ll want to consider is a fire pit. The popular types are fire bowls and those with a square design. Here are some things you should consider for your fire pit.

  • Decide on the kind of fuel. A fire pit can use natural gas, propane or gel for fuel.
  • Choose fire pit materials. There are a wide variety of choices, including stone and tile to stainless steel and copper.
  • Fire pit placement and location. The location has to be chosen carefully, keeping it away from anything that might catch fire. That is why it is advisable to put the fire pit on an open space away from structures, plants, and other combustible materials. You also need to keep in mind wind direction. It is better to place a fire pit near outdoor kitchens, pools and patios where people gather most of the time. Use screens too to cover your fire pits.
  • Create the right backyard fire pit ambiance. Outdoor lighting, classic outdoor chairs or a custom-made seating area made of stones and concrete can greatly enhance the fire pit area.
  • You can also consider an outdoor fireplace. It can become the anchor of your backyard design, and turn the space into an outdoor living room. The same fuel suggestions apply as those mentioned above for firepits.

You can also extend the season of your deck or patio with radiant ground heating. This is typically used for indoor applications, like a bathroom, but it can also be used in outdoor settings. It can keep the area warm and even melt snow to help preserve your flooring surface.

If you’re adventurous, consider a hot tub to use all year long. A hot tub is typically heated to just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That will warm you up and can relax sore muscles from leaf raking or snow shoveling.

You’ll also want to look into portable patio heaters to keep your outdoor area warm. They are tall, don’t take up much room, and are most often fueled with propane. One can heat up an area of 15 to 25 square feet.

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