Many people think of fall as the end of the gardening season. After a few chrysanthemums, there’s not much left to planting and gardening until spring. We’re here to tell you that that simply isn’t true.

Fall is the time for planting in the garden, and your choices are varied. You could plant perennials like asters, anenmones, black-eyed susans or coneflowers, or annuals such as multi-colored dahlias.

Fall is also a great time to freshen up containers with seasonal grasses like millet, ornamental peppers and cabbages. And wouldn’t it be fun to create your own mini-corn mazes with hay, pumpkins, grasses and mums?

Even though the autumn has its own beauty, it’s also the time to order and plant bulbs to light up the spring landscape.  Daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocus and hyacinths are often used to add color to spring gardens.

You can start the spring show early with pure white snowdrops and colorful crocus. Continue it with daffodils in classic golden yellow, pure white and soft yellows with orange accents to light up the spring landscape.  Alliums complete the spring show with white and or purple globe-shaped flowers.

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