With spring in full swing, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors. If your space is small, perhaps you need some extra seating, but you don’t have room for a full patio and a garden as well. Some things to consider are retaining walls and raised planter beds.

While retaining walls are often thought of as being a necessity, they can also add interest and seating space to your yard. We have used retaining walls to terrace a space with levels to provide more useable space, to divert water for better drainage and to prevent erosion.

We have used the raised planter beds in many urban gardens. Given the smaller sizes of these gardens, they provide extra seating for entertaining along with healthier planting beds for plants.

We’ve answered the five questions we are asked most frequently about these two landscaping features:

What are retaining walls and raised planter beds?

Retaining walls help hold soil and plants in place in your yard or garden. They help work against the forces of gravity, especially when runoff from rain becomes an issue.

Raised planter beds, also known as garden boxes, are small boxes that are used for planting flowers or vegetables, especially in small spaces.

When do I need this feature?

If you have a sloped yard, or rain runoff from a neighbor’s yard comes into your space, a retaining wall will hold back soil and water and keep it from ruining your yard or garden.

Raised planter beds can help plants grow better when filled with nutrient-dense soil to help keep your plants healthy.

Both retaining walls and planter beds can also double as extra seating, which comes in handy in a small space.

What are the best materials to use?

Best materials range from wood to poured concrete to stone. Select materials that complement the architectural style of your home and other elements of your landscape.

Can I build either of these myself?

In a word, no. Building retaining walls is a project best left to professionals.

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