While there may still be snow on the ground as you read this, spring is coming…really, it is. When it gets here, you’ll want to have your yard ready for parties or relaxing. Hufnagel Landscape Design & Construction Group can help you get started to plan your outdoor living space.  We can help you design an entire yard makeover or add a water feature, fire pit, focal point, new fence or redesign your planting beds.

Keep in mind that you needn’t have a five-figure budget to achieve an exceptional landscape. Whether your landscape venture is a two-month multiphase project, or a Saturday trip to the nursery, the key is to select your plants purposefully and place them thoughtfully. The result is sure to bring you years of enjoyment.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Determine Your Landscape Needs and Wants

Make a list of what you need in your landscape and what you’d like. Do your kids need a play area? Would your family gather on a patio? Keep these things in mind when you start your design.

Have a Focal Point

The focal point is the one spot in your yard where your eye gravitates. It’s the place where you want to start your design and build out from there.

Many use a tree or statue as a focal point, but there are other choices. You can use your house as the focal point, or perhaps the view from your yard.

Use Curves Sparingly

Even though they add interest to your garden, don’t overdo curves. A curvy path that takes you far out of the way of your destination, for example, would be overkill. Long, subtle curves look great.

Add Movement

You don’t want your whole garden to be still. Add some bushes or trees that will sway in the breeze, and flowers to attract birds and butterflies.

Right Plant, Right Spot

It’s an old adage that rings true: “right plant, right spot,” Remember it every time you choose a plant for your yard. Keep your focal point in mind when you choose new plants. And don’t forget growth rate. Plants that have different growth rates can make your garden look disjointed.

Think About Where You’ll Landscape

Study the sun and wind patterns in your yard. If you put your patio on the west side of the house, it will get lots of afternoon sun, making dinner on the patio in August a very hot prospect. If you want a fire pit, watch wind patterns, so the pit doesn’t end up in their path.

Contact Hufnagel today at 201-869-5680. We’ll help you design a plan that will exceed your expectations.