Are you looking for ways to make your urban backyard garden both practical and pretty? Foodscaping could be just the thing for you! No matter how big or small your space, you can grow plants that you can eat from that are beautiful to look at as well.

Your landscaping can include perennial or tropical vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and medicinal plants. These plants produce vegetables and fruits, year after year, with little maintenance.

Vegetables plants are often considered to be unattractive, so they are often grown in a corner of the land not close to the house, or in a place where other will see. But foodscaping can be achieved anywhere you have space: on the front land of a residence, on a terrace or even on a roof!

Numerous edible plants, such as Swiss chard, strawberries, kale, scarlet runner beans, and peppers, for example, are both decorative and food-producing. Furthermore, to make your foodscaping as colorful as possible, you can mix edible flowers, such as carnations and pansies with most vegetables.

If you have a mature garden, an easy way to incorporate edible plants is to introduce those with ornamental qualities among your flowers. Gradually, you will be able to transform some of your ornamental borders into edible ones.

Smoothies from Your Terrace

If you a smoothie lover, you can easily create a small garden including some of your favorite plants to make delicious smoothies. You can plant them in containers on your balcony or terrace near your kitchen. Kale ‘Darkibor’, Strawberry Natural Albino®, Malabar spinach (Basella and Blueberries Jelly Bean™ are easy to grow in pots and make great smoothies.

Those who live in urban settings may not have a lot of space to create a garden. Fear not! You can grow edible plants in pots on balconies, terraces, roofs or even walls. Several small edible plant varieties have been developed in recent years to be grown in containers. Shrubs like raspberries and blueberries along with some herb plants such as chives, basil and marjoram (sweeter than oregano) can grow successfully in containers.

If you live in an urban environment and your land is particularly small, you can plant hardy kiwi, a cousin to the fuzzy kiwi fruit sold in grocery stores, a climbing fruit species with beautiful variegated foliage that produces edible sweet berries very rich in vitamin C!

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