As beautiful as a landscaped back yard can look, maybe taking care of a garden isn’t your favorite way to spend a weekend. Planting, watering, weeding…just too much work! Not only that, but your family has grown up a bit. You don’t have small children any more who want to play on swings or in little people houses.

But you still have a back yard. Maybe it’s a large space, or perhaps it’s small, but you still want to do something with it to make it look attractive and be functional and fun. After all, that’s what back yards are for, right? Fun!

How about a sports court? It’s the perfect solution to the question of what to do with the space when you don’t want to care for a garden and you don’t have youngsters. Whatever your favorite sport is, there’s a court for that!

Think about this—a sports court in your yard. Yours will be the go-to house for your kids and their friends. That means you’ll always know where your children are. And what’s a few (dozen) bags of chips and a few (cases of) sodas if it means knowing your kids are safe? Once they are grown, you can change the court into a place for adult entertainment.

Depending on space, you can have a basketball court, tennis court, or putting green in your yard, for you and your family to use whenever the mood strikes.

We design our courts using Bluestone material. This is a smoother, more flexible material, which will be easier on players’ knees, ankles, and feet. Since it’s a smooth surface, if players fall there will be fewer cuts than there would be on concrete.

The courts are also weather resistant. Rain goes through the tiles, keeping the court from becoming slippery. You can also get a liner to protect your court from snow in the winter. You needn’t worry about summer, either, as the surface stays cool enough for players to enjoy a game at any time.

You can also use netting above the fence to keep the ball in the yard. While many towns have regulations that will not allow fences to be more than six feet high, the netting that we can install above the fence allows balls to stay on the court without breaking fence height laws.

If you’re ready to turn your back yard into a place for your sports-minded family to hang out and enjoy, call Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction today at 201-869-5680 to get started.