What better way for a local landscaping contractor to help beautify the community than to put its talents to work on a garden project at the library?

That’s exactly what Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction Group did for the Hoboken Public Library. The Friends of the Hoboken Library called on Hufnagel to work on the garden project, which was completed over the summer of 2017.

After Hurricane Irene in 2011, the library decided to renovate its lower floor, which Hufnagel affectionately named “the garden level.” Water from Irene’s rains had come in and flooded part of the building, so the library decided to waterproof the outside of the building. The project continued throughout Superstorm Sandy’s wrath in 2012.

The Hufnagel garden project consisted of waterproofing the brick wall inside the raised brick planter, installing the soil blended with engineered soil and topsoil, installing plants and installing a micro irrigation system. After the waterproofing was completed, it was time to dress up the garden space.

The library had already had the brick raised planter, a gate, and light posts installed, as well as faux grass. Now they needed plants to complete the look. The library requested plants that were easy to care for, so Hufnagel chose Evergreen Skip Laurels, native vines Campsis Radicans and American Wisteria, native perennials such as Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan and Cardinal Flower, Hydrangea, Dwarf Crape Myrtle, and Rose of Sharon Trees.

Hufnagel filled the raised brick planting bed with a blend of crushed stone, organic matter and topsoil for good drainage. Heavy soil would not have been appropriate for the plants, as it would drown and rot the roots.

Hufnagel also installed an irrigation system, with lines for the water running underneath the faux grass and into the plant beds. The system is placed on a timer, so the plants get watered at appropriate intervals.

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