Fall is in full swing now. But with your firepit up and running (click here for more info on that), you can still enjoy your back yard. Of course, it gets dark much earlier now, so what you need is lighting to create the exact ambience you want for your space.

As the sun goes down, Hufnagel designers can help you turn outdoor living space into a warm and inviting place for you to hang out with friends and family. The possibilities for lighting end only with your imagination. Here are just some of the things we can help you do with lighting:

  • create a mood
  • light a pathway or staircase
  • highlight a water feature
  • focus on plants to create shadowy silhouettes
  • light up work areas – like the barbecue
  • transport you to the beer garden party

Think about it—with the holidays coming, we can help you design lights for a spooky Halloween theme, or turn your space into a Christmas wonderland. We’ll help you design anything you want, from romantic to cozy to an 80s disco theme!

At Hufnagel, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to lighting. We work with our clients to tailor a plan just for your garden. Your space will be uniquely “you.” And your guests will love it!

Ready to get started? Contact Hufnagel today at 201-869-5680 and we will help you make nights in your yard brighter!