Your deck, yard, or garden is just about finished. You have your grill, your fire pit, and your dining area all set up. Now you have to decorate it! What good is all this wonderful space if there is no place for people to sit and relax?

There are any number directions you can go in with your outdoor furnishings. You can you’re your space look elegant, whimsical, charming, or tropical. With the use of different colors and materials, any of these looks can be easily achieved. The main thing to remember is that outdoor furniture should always look—and feel—comfortable. You want your outdoor oasis to feel inviting for you and your guests. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Wicker: Wicker furniture harmonizes nicely with the outdoor feel. You can add cushions in a wide variety of colors to brighten up the space. Or you can stay neutral with the cushions and add a pop of color with pillows or an area rug.
2. Stay with nature’s colors: If you have a row of evergreens that form a privacy wall around your space, keep with the green in your accessories, and add color with plants, end tables, or dishes.
3. Focus on one or two colors: Keep a unified look to your space by using two colors. For example, you could use blue and green for a beach theme, or red and white to resemble the French café look.
4. Edge with greenery: No matter what colors you choose, remember that you are outdoors, and add greenery with plants or bushes.
5. Add artwork: Even though you are outside, walls can be decorated in much the same way they would inside. Add a colorful piece of art to a stone wall to give some interest to the space and tie your furnishing color scheme together.
6. Add color: Lanterns or beads can also add spots of color, as well as privacy, to your space.
7. Unify the space: Choose furnishings with the same color scheme and lines as your deck. Add flower pots and accessories in the same scheme.
8. Use white: As long as you use waterproof and stain resistant fabrics, white can look clean and beautiful on a deck, and bring out the honey color of lighter deck materials.

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