Hopefully by the time you read this, the snow will be melting and spring will be in the air. If you’re dreaming of warm sunny days to spend in your garden, here are some things you can do now to get it ready.

  1. Order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds
    Just in case there is still snow on the ground when you read this, you can check out some online sites and order what you’ll want to grow. Summer-flowering bulbs like lilies or gladiolus can be planted in early spring so you’ll have something beautiful to look forward to in the summer.
  2. Clear up flower beds and borders
    Get rid of all the dead leaves and other debris from your garden, borders, and lawn. You can cut back the old dead growth perennials now as well.
  3. Exterminate garden pests
    If you remove the pests now, you’ll save your plants and your time later in the summer. Look closely at your plants and you may find slugs, snails and aphid colonies that have taken winter shelter in your garden. Destroy any you find and be prepared to treat for others you find in the spring and summer.
  4. Mulching
    It may be too soon to mulch until later in the spring, when the soil has warmed up and dried out. If you find the weather agreeable, you can begin mulching. However, be careful. Adding too much mulch too soon can trap the cold moisture in the soil. This will prevent the soil from drying properly and could delay the sprouting of your plants.

When you begin to mulch, fluff the mulch carefully with a hand tool for best control. You don’t want to go crazy digging into your garden, because you’ll want to be cautious with the young plants and emerging bulbs.

  1. Spruce up your gardening tools
    If it’s too cold to clean out your garden, you can always start with your tools If you take clean your tools properly each year, they will last longer, and will prevent the spread of diseases in your plants. Dirty tools may introduce bacteria and fungi to fresh pruning wounds.

You’ll also want to sharpen your pruning tools to improve their performance; they’ll be easier to work with and will give cleaner pruning cuts.

The experts at Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction Group can help you prepare your garden now so it will look great for months to come. Call us at 201-869-5680 to get started today.