According to Richard Lovelace, “stone walls do not a prison make.” But, when you have an ugly wall in your back yard, it may feel like a prison. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can make the walls that separate you from your neighbors part of the landscape, or use an artistic flare to add another touch of beauty to your backyard oasis.

  1. Opt for Ornamental Trees. One thing to try is planting ornamental trees in front of the wall. Be sure to take weather and soil conditions in your area into account, as well as conditions like sun versus shade. Also choose based on whether you want color in the flowers, or evergreens that provide year-round color.

  3. Install a trellis. You can put in a trellis at the base of the wall and grow vines that will cover the structure. The possibilities are endless here. You can have vines that produce beautifully colored flowers each year or ones with year-round with foliage.

In some cases, you won’t even need trellises. You can plant vines that will climb the wall on their own. Clinging vines like ivory will climb brick and other masonry walls without a trellis. Some types, like English ivy, stay green all year long providing the wall is yours.

  1. Use containers. Another option is to attach containers to the top of the wall, and grow cascading plants that will flow down and cover the wall below it. This gives you the opportunity to change things up every year, or even every season. Again, you will have to consider the weather conditions, and the amount of sun or shade your yard will get and if the wall belongs to you. Adding lighting to the planters can also camouflage an unsightly wall.

  3. Chose a mural or artwork. You can also add a touch of art to your yard by having a mural painted or hanging artwork on the wall. You’d need to be sure the mural could withstand poor weather conditions, but a piece of artwork could be removed in the winter to protect it from the elements. We can also design a faux carriage house door to beautify the wall.

  5. Add a Waterfall. We can craft and install a waterfall that will hide the wall and make it a beautiful and relaxing focal point of your yard.

If you have a wall that needs some tender loving care, we can help. Call Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction today at 201-869-5680 to get started.