With summer finally arriving, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your indoors outside? You can do that with an outdoor kitchen. While these are a relatively new trend in outdoor living, outdoor kitchens are becoming quite a popular addition to backyard living. Outdoor kitchens add to the value of the home, and definitely ramps up the whole outdoor experience.

Consider adding a multitude of components to the outdoor kitchen, including built-in grills, refrigerators, wine bars, and fireplaces. You want to be sure you keep the design clean, with sleek lines, and keep the sizing proportionate to the size of the yard.

Be sure to follow whatever codes and building laws exist where you are building. You need to be sure to use fireproof materials, including stucco, stone, or a Ipe wood, a Brazilian hardwood. You also need to be sure that any grills, burners, or other kitchen items outdoors are properly vented, also to prevent fires.

Keep your outdoor kitchen close to the house. It will be more convenient, since you won’t have to carry food and supplies across the lawn. In addition, it’s less expensive to run utilities a short distance from the house. You can also save on paving by building on an existing patio or deck by the back door. Finally, the walls of the house can provide structure and protection at a cost savings to you.

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