Just because you may live in a small space without a lot of room for a garden, that doesn’t mean you have to go without fresh herbs for cooking. You can grow enough herbs to create amazing dishes, all in pots on your windowsill or deck. Here are 10 herbs you can grow in small spaces:

1) Basil: Basil is a warm weather annual herb and does great in pots and window-boxes. It’s easy to grow; just make sure the soil is well drained and it gets lots of sunshine. Harvest (trim back) your basil often and will continue to give you fresh growth.

2) Oregano: Oregano grows well in a garden, but you can also put it in a pot to control its growth. The small leaves are packed with flavor, perfect for topping homemade pizza and bruschetta, as well as adding to vinaigrettes and marinades. Greek oregano offers great flavor.

3) Rosemary: Rosemary is a flavorful herb to go with many chicken dishes. Growing it in pots makes it easy to bring indoors to a sunny windowsill.  Don’t water rosemary in pots too much; it needs consistent moisture.

4) Thyme: Thyme is very low maintenance and doesn’t need constant attention. It needs full sun and not an over-abundance of water; it prefers dryer soil. You can also try English thyme or Lemon thyme, which has variegated yellow and green leaves and a bold lemon scent and flavor.

5) Mint: Mint is one of those herbs you either love or hate.  If you like it, you can grow it in pots and add the leaves to summer drinks or fruit salad. Mint needs an abundance of moisture and rich soil.

6) Parsley Parsley, both flat-leaved and curly, can be grown in both garden beds and containers. Parsley is very easy to grow. It doesn’t need regular moisture and feeding. Parsley likes full sun, but can take some light shading.

7) Lemon Balm Lemon balm smells and tastes like lemons, and it is great in salads, tea, or marinades. It needs potting soil to grow and should be watered often.

8) Chives Chives taste great in soups or salads, and as a garnish. It grows easily in containers. It needs four to five hours of sun and damp soil.

9) Sage Sage doesn’t grow well in wet roots; be sure to use well-drained soil and don’t overwater it. You can grow sage from seed or cuttings.

10) Lavender Lavender is a perennial shrub that grows great in full sun and well-drained potting mix. Keep it dry and don’t fertilize it.

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