Landscaping Company for Jersey City, NJ

Beautiful landscaping can increase a home’s value, improve the look of the neighborhood, and be a moodbooster for residents. If you want customized, attractive landscaping for your home in Jersey City, NJ, turn to landscaping company Hufnagel Landscape Design & Construction Group Inc.

Our Company

Besides our comprehensive landscaping services, we also have the experience and knowledge to provide a smooth and hassle-free process. Our designers know the local laws, neighborhoods, and permit requirements, which ensures a stress-free experience from start to finish.

We always ensure that you know everything that is happening. We set out a realistic timeline at the beginning and stick to that timeline. During our work, we keep you aware of every step in the process.

Our Services

Everyone’s landscaping needs are different. That’s why we provide a large variety of various landscaping services, such as:

  • Gardens: Have the garden of your dreams with small gardens, roof gardens, informal gardens, formal gardens, and even irregularly shaped gardens.
  • Garden rooms: Enhance an outdoor space with an attractive deck, patio, or pool. We can provide fencing, fireplaces, firepits, ponds, pergolas, and arbors.
  • General garden services: Let us maintain and construct your garden.

Whatever landscaping you desire, we can help.

Above Video shows a cool time lapse of an urban backyard landscaping project from start to finish. A photo of the finished landscaping project is to the left on this page.

Above Video shows a recently completed project for a community in Jersey City, New Jersey.

During the process, we evaluate all the drainage, fencing, electric, and plumbing needs your landscaping requires and ensure that they meet permit, inspection, and legal requirements. That way, you can have the beautiful landscaping you want without snags or delays.

Finally, we ensure that all our team members are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. You deserve quality work, and we aim to provide that for you.

Ready for gorgeous landscaping? Discover why we’re one of the top landscaping companies by calling us today at (201) 869-5680.

The above video shows a crane delivering a complete pool to the backyard of a Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction client. Watch as the crew from Hufnagel guides the crane operator to land the pool in the backyard of this tight residential development just in time for the next heatwave!