Residential Synthetic Grass for Jersey City, NJ

While grass provides a gorgeous look for landscaping outside a home, its upkeep isn’t always easy. From pesky weeds to burrowing animals, a lawn can easily be ruined by wildlife. And while a thick blanket of snow covers Jersey City, NJ, you might not think much about your grass — but when the snow melts and springtime arrives, you can see the results of wintertime play in the trodden-down areas of your grass.

To combat these issues and have a beautiful yard with little to no maintenance year-round, contact Hufnagel Landscape Design & Construction Group about our residential synthetic grass options.

High-Quality Project Management

We are proud of our commitment to realistic project management, along with our drive to complete projects on time and with high quality. From the initial design of your new synthetic grass landscaping to the final review, we will give you a realistic timeline for each step as well as fair prices.

Our 77 years of experience in the industry have allowed us to learn exactly what is necessary for each residential artificial grass project, so we know how long each step is likely to take. We’ll address drainage, electrical requirements, fencing, plumbing, and permitting upfront, and we know what the inspection process is like. We’re quite familiar with the confines of urban living, and we’ll ensure that your yard works well and complies with the law.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated a reputation for excellent quality and high standards. We are family-owned and proud of it because it allows us to focus on each client specifically. Our landscape architects, designers, and technicians are all on staff, and each phase of the landscaping process is completed by in-house employees, not contractors

To learn more about your artificial grass landscaping options, contact our team.